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3 Factors that Help Student Career Orientation

3 Factors that Help Student Career Orientation

To each individual, how to choose their career path, which determine whether they will be successful or unsuccessful in their future, is never easy. Career orientation is much more important to students because student life is the best time to choose their career path. The responsibility not only laid on the students themselves, but also to the educational institution as well as society in order for students to know what their potential is. These are 3 factors that are most important in contributing to Students Career Orientation


Career preference

No matter what job or profession you take, you need passion and favor in order to maintain it. Otherwise, people are likely to get frustrated and give up when problems arise. For example, an active person who loves designing but his parents want him to become a respectable doctor. He did not follow his dream, and spent boring time in university and became a underpaid doctor. Simply, if someone really love their career path, they should have enough ambitions in order to high rise and move on. Therefore, that should make individual preference the most important part in their career orientation process.

Career preference

Potential abilities

Before taking any job, you have to understand your ability first to know if you have the right skills and personality for that job. For example, to become an artist, you should know how to draw properly; or to become a soccer player, you should have enough physical strength and flexibility… That will increase the chance of success when you follow a career path rather than one which are not appropriate with your skills and abilities.

You do not have to be a prodigy in order to follow some career path. However, if you understand yourself, you should know what skills that you need to complete the requirement of the job. Therefore, you can choose right college credits, take right part-time experience, and take courses that is necessary for your future career. The career orientation experts should understand this well enough so that they can always help you when needed.

to Students Career Orientation


Need on job market

Although not really crucial like two previous factor, it is also important part in students career orientation. Through if you really good at the job and confident that you can do well in that field, the human resources will get competitive if the demand of that profession are not as high as expected.

For instance, in the next ten years, with the rapid technology and internet growth, the information technology field should have more specialist when it came to programming, installation and support or network security… In addition, new operating systems development and common code bases has already permited a lot more industries to build their own custom software solutions. Someone who have good skill on computer should take this chance right away while they can. By knowing what kind of jobs that will be available when student have granduated, students can avoid unemployment or taking jobs that is not appropriate to their profession.

Potential Abilities


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