3 Simple differences between excellent students and average students

3 Simple differences between excellent students and average students

3 Simple Differences between excellent students and average students that would make you awe!

Have you wondered why a lot of students succeed in their studying, while the others do not, do these students have some kind of tricks in their sleeves. Those tricks are a lot simpler than you ever think of, excellent students just need to have some different habit in order to take the test with flying colors.

Excellent students never miss a lesson, even part of it

Presence and punctuation are one of the keys leading to success of our student’s life. By becoming the early birds, excellent students have time to prepare before lecture, they ought to have some time for reviewing their notes from previous lectures, listing out what they should ask the professor or what was wrong with the reading beforehand, etc… The importance of punctuation is accelerated even further if they are going to have a presentation section. The excellent students always ready for the lecture thanks to their careful preparation beforehand.

On the other hand, average students seem to arrive at exact start time of the class, not to mention occasional lateness. Therefore, they will miss one or even some parts of the lesson because they were busy preparing the notes in hurry. Whenever the chance comes, they would try to excuse themselves for leaving early. As a result, they cannot have a good picture on what was the lecture about afterward, which is a great obstacle in their reviewing for the test later.


Excellent students never miss a lessonExcellent students always take the front seat

Taking up the front seats make the best advantage in absorbing the knowledge. The excellent students acknowledge this wisdom, they always try to take the front seat. Combining with coming early, that is not a problem. Sitting in front can help them have a better concentration because they see the professor with his lesson without distraction, see clearly what was on the board or slides and listen clearly what their profession said.

Average students have the habit of taking back seats because they are afraid of confronting the professor, which prevent them from doing their own private business. Eventually, they are easily distracted from the lesson, and miss a lot of important point that might be present in the test.

Excellent students always take the front seat

Excellent students take better notes

The notes of excellent students are written carefully in class. In order to review their lesson more effectively, most excellent students have two separate notes: one for taking quick notes in class, and one for rewrite their lesson in full text at home. By having a good notes, it did not take much time for them to review before the test, and having more time to attend to other matters in their life.

Average students do not have the will to take note, or do not know how to take note properly, they also do not review it well afterclass to look for what they have missed during the lecture. With their poor notes, it obviously does not help them much in their review for the final test.

Excellent students take better notes

What do you want to be? An excellent student or an average student? These tips will definitely help you develop your own strategy in order to achieve success in your academic records,

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