7 Skills to Memorize Your Lessons Well

7 Skills to Memorize Your Lessons Well

Each school subject requires different skills. But generally we need to develop a way to memorize them all not in a short-term

  1. Have a thorough understanding of the matter

This is the very first and prerequisite issue to work out. If you don’t understand what the matter of your subject is about then trying to memorize it is just a waste of time. Thus, while in class, pay attention and attempt to get the basis of the lessons; ask questions to clarify your confusion and note down carefully.

2. Have a quick review for the whole before starting to remember details

Mastering the content of the lesson thoroughly helps you speed up the process of memorizing since you already have the big picture of it.

  1. Divide your lessons into several smaller parts

It is sure that, by splitting up the content of the lesson, it is easier to remember things well and stay more focused on the tough parts. You’ll as well find it motivation and excitement after finishing one section to another.

  1. Relate your lesson to reality

It’s not a bad idea to remember historical dates and time when concerning them with your special days in life or to memorize geographical areas that you wish to travel or have been to.

Using Visualization Technique)

  1. Read and write at the same time

For long lessons, it is essential to write down the key words that helps remind you of the whole lesson while trying to read it through. For mathematical formulas or structures, you should rewrite them 2-3 times.

5.	Read and write at the same time

  1. Recite the whole lesson after you finish

It only takes you a minute to summarize everything you have gone through in your head because you have already taken hold of the lesson. So spend some time to check your learned content again by reciting it yourself. Additionally, this will stop you from getting lost when you are too nervous to remember something when doing exams.

  1. Create a comfortable work space

Your work space plays in important role in contributing to your concentration on the work. Make room for your work space, allow enough light and keep away from others to ensure privacy and silence.

Create a comfortable work space

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