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Why GPA is Not Really Matter for Students after Granduation

Some students are really determined to get the highest score as possible they can, with an illution that the hight GPA will help them have a better jobs in the future. As a result, they stay up all night in the library, their books are filled with highlight and notes, studying hard for the finals. In fact, their future employers do not really care about them as much as they thought. Here are four reasons why GPA’s important should not be overemphasized.


Inflating grading

Unbeknownst to most of the students, teachers usually give grade A more often than they were years ago. As a result, it is very difficult for employers to determine which students do best because more students are given the as highest as possible grade.

Thanks to the recent study by TCR (Teacher College Record), which shown grade A took 43% of letter grade given. Therefore, students who got A only puts themselves in the top 43% of all college granduated. Once again, it really not easy at all for companies to know which A grades are harder to earn than the others.

Slowing down your application process

When GPA transcript are needed, you have to go back to your old university in order to have an official transcripts. Combining with the bureaucracy of the current government, you might not meet the deadline of employment. Therefore, that is really unnecessary for you to care too much of your GPA transcription because the employers do not have much time to view it properly, it is your resume that will shown them what you are good at.

Oxford university,one of the degree days at sheldonian Theatre Oxford as a variety of students collect post grad and under grad awards Pic Rob Judges

GPA is not more important than job experience

In general, what the employers need is someone who get the job done, not some bookworm who do not know a thing about working. There are no company that can guide you from top to toes, they also have their workload to do. Companies that have the patience for training their new employees are not really common, and would prefer someone with years of experience to conserve their budget and time.


Connection in the field

In addition to experience, knowing people who work on your field is also very important to find a job. If you too concentrate on your studying too much and do not expand your network, things will get harder after you granduated. Without these people, who will help you find those jobs and help you maintain it. These connections would help you look for clients for your business contract, or provide you with good supplier for your next project, etc…

GPA is not everything, because higher GPA does not make you smarter or work more effective than the others. There are many factors that you need more that your GPA, like good performance in your internship or your participation in extracurriculum activities. All of them contribute to who you are, and your overall skills and communication. For example, a student with 9.0 of their GPA without any involment in activities, part-time jobs or internship cannot impress the employers with one that have only 7.0 and records from internship, 3 part-times job and have experience of management in school clubs.

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Unemployment concern of the granduated students

Even with the master degree, many of granduated students are confronting the risk of being unemployed. What is the true reason that made companies and firms feel reluctant to hire employees who are fresh granduated? Who are to blame if the students cannot find a job: the government, the employers or students themselves? here are some reasons that we should have think more about.


The chance of having working experience when attending university are slim

Beside the theory that students have learned at school, students also need more practical experience come from their field of work. However, busy and inflexible school schedule have been a harness which prevent students from having the chance to have those experience thus leaving the fresh graduate have nothing to write on their resume when apply for a job.


The breakdown of the economy is also a factor of unemployment

Making profit are more difficult as the time has passed. Therefore, companies are very careful with their money. They always expect the students to make more value than the salary paid for them. Fresh granduate students, who do not have enough skills and experience, cannot compete with those who has been working for a long time when applying for the job. In addition, inexperience candidate need training in order to work properly, and of course these training courses also cost a lot, making employers have to think twice before decide to hire a fresh granduate.

The illusion of the students about their own career

Most of the students do not have a good perspective of reality: they simply thought that if they granduate, they should have a good job right away. As a result, they refuse to do the job that they view as unworthy for the trouble they had when they spend four years in university. This thought unbeknownst to them, lead these poor students to their unemployment. Therefore, graduated students should know that the start is always hard. It doesn’t make anything different if they graduated at the university, they should do well from the minor job do prove themselves to their employers. Being “picky” when applying for the job is totally not advised.

In addition, some students are very clueless about what skills they need in order to hold their own at the job. They only try to complete their university or college credit, thinking that those are already enough. However, university are very slow to catch up the information about what is the employee requirement of the current economy. The passive attitude of these students had them suffer unemployment need to be change right away.

The development of technology

The development of technology

Contratry to the forementioned reason, this reason of unemployment is inevitable. Computers and machines are more economical solutions to profit compare to workers. A computer can accomplish jobs that need many people to do so with higher accuracy and longer duration. As a result, companies need less workers than they were 20 years ago. In the future, more and more people will be replaced by computers, machines and artificial intelligences.

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The reasons behind “delinquent” students often found their job having higher paid

Delinquent students are not really delinquent, they are just different individual from the others. Difference is not always bad. Here are some reason that high-paid job usually in the possession of delinquent students.


Delinquent students are capable of thinking outside of the box

Delinquent students do not have any limit in thought. As a result, they have extraodinary ideas in order for things to work out and impressed their employers as well. They always have a new ways to solve the problems and new ideas about the next project. Therefore, delinquent students have made a lot of profit for their own firms.

Delinquent students get more realistic experience

Delinquent students have a lot of experience in their own life, their way of thinking are more realistic; This way of thinking however are unfit in the academic environment, which have a lot of laws and restrictions. Though universities are more capable of making their programs friendly to working environment nowadays, that is never enough to fill the gap between school and life.

Moreover, delinquent students sometimes build somewhat good interpersonal skills, which is important in every field of working but hardly obtained at school and university. Good communication are the key of success, which help them make good colleagues and good friends. Consequencely, delinquent students increase the effectiveness of their work to the peak and success.

Delinquent students are more dynamic and flexible

Delinquent students are more dynamic and flexible

Students who do not obey the schools law usually have a lot of energy to spend. Being dynamic, they do not want to stay in one place and feel the urge to do something. They could use up their unlimited energy when working and gain more experience as they progress. Resultantly, their dynamic life give them a lot of chances as well as connection with people, which they cannot obtain if they become passive with the academic works at school.

Without restriction, delinquent students are more flexible in their work. The only things that they need to focus to compensate for their spontanous attitudde is discipline and the ability to meet the deadline. They do not freak out and get worry if something unexpected at work arise, they are very quick to adapt to the difficulties. Their flexibility is very important factor for any promotion and pay rise.

Delinquent students have an incomparable confidence

Delinquent students have an incomparable confidence

Employers usually favor candidates who are ready to prove themselves. Fortunately, most of delinquent students have this trait. Their confidence help them dare to think, dare to do and dare to take responsibility.

At a result of the very same confidence, they make a lot of changes and will always try to find a good solution for every problems that arise when they are working. This also contribute to the result of their work. With proper training, delinquent students can thrive in their career and always get ahead compare to the average students.

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It’s Every Senior College Student’s Concerns

In the first three years of college, everyone are excited to make it fast through days of hard work at school and get a job, earn some money…However, it is the last year of college that has so much for they to worry about before they can graduate.

Re-taking the failed courses

Some people have the thought that failing a course is the norm for students; and some might be too busy partying all night without their parents keeping an eye on them. Consequently, while other peers are looking for an internship or writing a dissertation, many seniors struggling to re-take their failed subjects to earn enough credits for graduation. Everyone certainly knows that a delay on graduation (though it might be in short time) can take away many job opportunities.


Students internships opportunities

Been under the impression that working as an intern is as easy as a pie? – No, think again. Especially not until it comes to the real period of time will they experience the challenges. First it’s right in the matter of where to work.

Many colleges now offer students internships opportunities but not everyone is satisfied with the job they are offered. Otherwise, they’ll have to look for one themselves, which means they’ll have to prepare to submit their CV, go in for examinations or interviews just like the way they apply for a real job.

The following problem is what responsibility they’ll take at their workplace. The feeling of getting lost and being isolated is likely to happen on their first days. Some students might even feel so stressful that they write a resignation letter after only 1 or 2 first weeks.

Designing blueprints and writing dissertations

Designing blueprints and writing dissertations

It is cool to be chosen to write a dissertation. Nevertheless, many seniors find it exhausting and costly to finish. First, they’ll have to decide on a particular aspect of research and then find an instructor. The rest of their time will be donated to self-researching, editing and printing. Everything costs a lot of a student’s effort. Therefore, many students tend to refuse to write a dissertation and instead, they sit for exams for graduation. By this, they can spend time doing other things such as working to gain more experience or studying English and other soft skills.

Other expenses

Looking for a job after graduation

As usual, senior students love to take pictures with their friends to make a yearbook. However, behind the scene, they are not really happy to spend quite an amount of money on their graduation costumes, photographers, flowers, make-up artists and so on.

Let alone the cost of designing a blueprint or writing a dissertation and having to print it over and over again. So generally, seniors have to afford many things.

Looking for a job

Unemployment may be any senior’s frequent biggest concern. One has to choose their own path amongst many other options. Some people may find a suitable job but some decide to work in a non-related field. Others might be hesitant about going on for a Master Degree or doing a second degree to have a better job.

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Features Of The UK’s Education

The UK has always felt pride about its world class advanced education, which means that you’ll be able to get the good job opportunities with handsome salary after graduation. With a history of over 800 years, British education has significantly influenced the education in world.

“We teach the students the way to think, not what to think”. British education always focuses on developing students’ ability to work independently and their unlimited creativity. The studying method in the UK is not simply a one-way attainment of the knowledge. It requires intensive self-searching and wonderings about the learned issues.

Here are the education programmes in the UK:

  • High school : Secondary and Tertiary
  • A leve certificate: For students over 16 years old; duration: 1 -2 years
  • Pre-university Qualification Degree: Duration: 1 – 2 years. Students who have finished can transfer to a university.
  • University Undergraduate Degree: Duration: 3 – 4 years
  • University Post-Graduate Degree: 1- 2 years (dependent on majors)
  • University Doctorate Degree: 3 years

The UK educational system aims to bring you the inspiration

The conditions for admission of most schools is having an average GPA, proficiency in English including IELTS 5.5-7.0 or TOEFL 550 – 650. You can complete your proficiency test in Vietnam or later in the UK.

Ocassionally, apart from English proficiency requirements, an undergraduate student who wants to apply for university in the UK has to take part in a 1- year pre-university course.

Students can join academic courses or career-orientation courses or combined. Your retrieved certificates are well recognized by all universities.

With thousands of courses, you’ll be able to pursuit your dream. Online and actual courses are as well optional and flexible. Moreover, a very popular feature of the education here is that you have a chance to apply for a student exchange programme and study in different countries.Undergraduate and post-graduate courses of the UK’s education are usually shorter in time than that of other countries, which helps you save time, tuition fees and daily expenses.

The UK educational system aims to bring you the inspiration that helps you develop your skills, stimulate your creativity as well as assist you to achieve your highest goal.

Schools in the UK are well-equipped

Schools in the UK are well-equipped with avant-garde facilities including libraries, laboratories, sports centers, musical theatres and studios. Academic training quality, students’ accommodation and welfare are frequently assessed. Class size is minimized to ensure your practice time and allow you to have a discussion on the related matters with your instructors.

British higher education offers you an international environment

British higher education offers you an international environment in which you have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. This is a good preparation for you to join the international workforce in the future. Universities have a strong bonding with many counterpart business organizations. Therefore, you can choose to apply for a wide range of 1-year internship programmes (with your visa considered).

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3 Simple differences between excellent students and average students

3 Simple Differences between excellent students and average students that would make you awe!

Have you wondered why a lot of students succeed in their studying, while the others do not, do these students have some kind of tricks in their sleeves. Those tricks are a lot simpler than you ever think of, excellent students just need to have some different habit in order to take the test with flying colors.

Excellent students never miss a lesson, even part of it

Presence and punctuation are one of the keys leading to success of our student’s life. By becoming the early birds, excellent students have time to prepare before lecture, they ought to have some time for reviewing their notes from previous lectures, listing out what they should ask the professor or what was wrong with the reading beforehand, etc… The importance of punctuation is accelerated even further if they are going to have a presentation section. The excellent students always ready for the lecture thanks to their careful preparation beforehand.

On the other hand, average students seem to arrive at exact start time of the class, not to mention occasional lateness. Therefore, they will miss one or even some parts of the lesson because they were busy preparing the notes in hurry. Whenever the chance comes, they would try to excuse themselves for leaving early. As a result, they cannot have a good picture on what was the lecture about afterward, which is a great obstacle in their reviewing for the test later.


Excellent students never miss a lessonExcellent students always take the front seat

Taking up the front seats make the best advantage in absorbing the knowledge. The excellent students acknowledge this wisdom, they always try to take the front seat. Combining with coming early, that is not a problem. Sitting in front can help them have a better concentration because they see the professor with his lesson without distraction, see clearly what was on the board or slides and listen clearly what their profession said.

Average students have the habit of taking back seats because they are afraid of confronting the professor, which prevent them from doing their own private business. Eventually, they are easily distracted from the lesson, and miss a lot of important point that might be present in the test.

Excellent students always take the front seat

Excellent students take better notes

The notes of excellent students are written carefully in class. In order to review their lesson more effectively, most excellent students have two separate notes: one for taking quick notes in class, and one for rewrite their lesson in full text at home. By having a good notes, it did not take much time for them to review before the test, and having more time to attend to other matters in their life.

Average students do not have the will to take note, or do not know how to take note properly, they also do not review it well afterclass to look for what they have missed during the lecture. With their poor notes, it obviously does not help them much in their review for the final test.

Excellent students take better notes

What do you want to be? An excellent student or an average student? These tips will definitely help you develop your own strategy in order to achieve success in your academic records,

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7 Skills to Memorize Your Lessons Well

Each school subject requires different skills. But generally we need to develop a way to memorize them all not in a short-term

  1. Have a thorough understanding of the matter

This is the very first and prerequisite issue to work out. If you don’t understand what the matter of your subject is about then trying to memorize it is just a waste of time. Thus, while in class, pay attention and attempt to get the basis of the lessons; ask questions to clarify your confusion and note down carefully.

2. Have a quick review for the whole before starting to remember details

Mastering the content of the lesson thoroughly helps you speed up the process of memorizing since you already have the big picture of it.

  1. Divide your lessons into several smaller parts

It is sure that, by splitting up the content of the lesson, it is easier to remember things well and stay more focused on the tough parts. You’ll as well find it motivation and excitement after finishing one section to another.

  1. Relate your lesson to reality

It’s not a bad idea to remember historical dates and time when concerning them with your special days in life or to memorize geographical areas that you wish to travel or have been to.

Using Visualization Technique)

  1. Read and write at the same time

For long lessons, it is essential to write down the key words that helps remind you of the whole lesson while trying to read it through. For mathematical formulas or structures, you should rewrite them 2-3 times.

5.	Read and write at the same time

  1. Recite the whole lesson after you finish

It only takes you a minute to summarize everything you have gone through in your head because you have already taken hold of the lesson. So spend some time to check your learned content again by reciting it yourself. Additionally, this will stop you from getting lost when you are too nervous to remember something when doing exams.

  1. Create a comfortable work space

Your work space plays in important role in contributing to your concentration on the work. Make room for your work space, allow enough light and keep away from others to ensure privacy and silence.

Create a comfortable work space

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