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It’s Every Senior College Student’s Concerns

It’s Every Senior College Student’s Concerns

In the first three years of college, everyone are excited to make it fast through days of hard work at school and get a job, earn some money…However, it is the last year of college that has so much for they to worry about before they can graduate.

Re-taking the failed courses

Some people have the thought that failing a course is the norm for students; and some might be too busy partying all night without their parents keeping an eye on them. Consequently, while other peers are looking for an internship or writing a dissertation, many seniors struggling to re-take their failed subjects to earn enough credits for graduation. Everyone certainly knows that a delay on graduation (though it might be in short time) can take away many job opportunities.


Students internships opportunities

Been under the impression that working as an intern is as easy as a pie? – No, think again. Especially not until it comes to the real period of time will they experience the challenges. First it’s right in the matter of where to work.

Many colleges now offer students internships opportunities but not everyone is satisfied with the job they are offered. Otherwise, they’ll have to look for one themselves, which means they’ll have to prepare to submit their CV, go in for examinations or interviews just like the way they apply for a real job.

The following problem is what responsibility they’ll take at their workplace. The feeling of getting lost and being isolated is likely to happen on their first days. Some students might even feel so stressful that they write a resignation letter after only 1 or 2 first weeks.

Designing blueprints and writing dissertations

Designing blueprints and writing dissertations

It is cool to be chosen to write a dissertation. Nevertheless, many seniors find it exhausting and costly to finish. First, they’ll have to decide on a particular aspect of research and then find an instructor. The rest of their time will be donated to self-researching, editing and printing. Everything costs a lot of a student’s effort. Therefore, many students tend to refuse to write a dissertation and instead, they sit for exams for graduation. By this, they can spend time doing other things such as working to gain more experience or studying English and other soft skills.

Other expenses

Looking for a job after graduation

As usual, senior students love to take pictures with their friends to make a yearbook. However, behind the scene, they are not really happy to spend quite an amount of money on their graduation costumes, photographers, flowers, make-up artists and so on.

Let alone the cost of designing a blueprint or writing a dissertation and having to print it over and over again. So generally, seniors have to afford many things.

Looking for a job

Unemployment may be any senior’s frequent biggest concern. One has to choose their own path amongst many other options. Some people may find a suitable job but some decide to work in a non-related field. Others might be hesitant about going on for a Master Degree or doing a second degree to have a better job.

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