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Unemployment concern of the granduated students

Unemployment concern of the granduated students

Even with the master degree, many of granduated students are confronting the risk of being unemployed. What is the true reason that made companies and firms feel reluctant to hire employees who are fresh granduated? Who are to blame if the students cannot find a job: the government, the employers or students themselves? here are some reasons that we should have think more about.


The chance of having working experience when attending university are slim

Beside the theory that students have learned at school, students also need more practical experience come from their field of work. However, busy and inflexible school schedule have been a harness which prevent students from having the chance to have those experience thus leaving the fresh graduate have nothing to write on their resume when apply for a job.


The breakdown of the economy is also a factor of unemployment

Making profit are more difficult as the time has passed. Therefore, companies are very careful with their money. They always expect the students to make more value than the salary paid for them. Fresh granduate students, who do not have enough skills and experience, cannot compete with those who has been working for a long time when applying for the job. In addition, inexperience candidate need training in order to work properly, and of course these training courses also cost a lot, making employers have to think twice before decide to hire a fresh granduate.

The illusion of the students about their own career

Most of the students do not have a good perspective of reality: they simply thought that if they granduate, they should have a good job right away. As a result, they refuse to do the job that they view as unworthy for the trouble they had when they spend four years in university. This thought unbeknownst to them, lead these poor students to their unemployment. Therefore, graduated students should know that the start is always hard. It doesn’t make anything different if they graduated at the university, they should do well from the minor job do prove themselves to their employers. Being “picky” when applying for the job is totally not advised.

In addition, some students are very clueless about what skills they need in order to hold their own at the job. They only try to complete their university or college credit, thinking that those are already enough. However, university are very slow to catch up the information about what is the employee requirement of the current economy. The passive attitude of these students had them suffer unemployment need to be change right away.

The development of technology

The development of technology

Contratry to the forementioned reason, this reason of unemployment is inevitable. Computers and machines are more economical solutions to profit compare to workers. A computer can accomplish jobs that need many people to do so with higher accuracy and longer duration. As a result, companies need less workers than they were 20 years ago. In the future, more and more people will be replaced by computers, machines and artificial intelligences.

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