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Why GPA is Not Really Matter for Students after Granduation

Why GPA is Not Really Matter for Students after Granduation

Some students are really determined to get the highest score as possible they can, with an illution that the hight GPA will help them have a better jobs in the future. As a result, they stay up all night in the library, their books are filled with highlight and notes, studying hard for the finals. In fact, their future employers do not really care about them as much as they thought. Here are four reasons why GPA’s important should not be overemphasized.


Inflating grading

Unbeknownst to most of the students, teachers usually give grade A more often than they were years ago. As a result, it is very difficult for employers to determine which students do best because more students are given the as highest as possible grade.

Thanks to the recent study by TCR (Teacher College Record), which shown grade A took 43% of letter grade given. Therefore, students who got A only puts themselves in the top 43% of all college granduated. Once again, it really not easy at all for companies to know which A grades are harder to earn than the others.

Slowing down your application process

When GPA transcript are needed, you have to go back to your old university in order to have an official transcripts. Combining with the bureaucracy of the current government, you might not meet the deadline of employment. Therefore, that is really unnecessary for you to care too much of your GPA transcription because the employers do not have much time to view it properly, it is your resume that will shown them what you are good at.

Oxford university,one of the degree days at sheldonian Theatre Oxford as a variety of students collect post grad and under grad awards Pic Rob Judges

GPA is not more important than job experience

In general, what the employers need is someone who get the job done, not some bookworm who do not know a thing about working. There are no company that can guide you from top to toes, they also have their workload to do. Companies that have the patience for training their new employees are not really common, and would prefer someone with years of experience to conserve their budget and time.


Connection in the field

In addition to experience, knowing people who work on your field is also very important to find a job. If you too concentrate on your studying too much and do not expand your network, things will get harder after you granduated. Without these people, who will help you find those jobs and help you maintain it. These connections would help you look for clients for your business contract, or provide you with good supplier for your next project, etc…

GPA is not everything, because higher GPA does not make you smarter or work more effective than the others. There are many factors that you need more that your GPA, like good performance in your internship or your participation in extracurriculum activities. All of them contribute to who you are, and your overall skills and communication. For example, a student with 9.0 of their GPA without any involment in activities, part-time jobs or internship cannot impress the employers with one that have only 7.0 and records from internship, 3 part-times job and have experience of management in school clubs.

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